Basic Soap Making Class - Cold Process

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own all-natural soap? This is your opportunity!


In this class we will cover why we make soap, the history of soap making, oil properties and much more!!


The process we will be using is called cold process. We will learn how to add colorants and fragrances to your soap. This process does require the use of lye. You will need to wear a long sleeved top and closed toed shoes for this class. We do have gloves and safety goggles you can wear.

You will make a loaf of soap that you will be able to take home with you*.


One loaf of soap is equal to 10 bars!!


Class is limited to 5 people as I want to make sure I have time to work with each of you one on one.


*Once you make your soap, it will need to stay in the mold for at least 24 hours. I will then cut it for you, if you wish, and you will be able to pick up your soap later in the week.

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