Lucy Minerals Reviews

This is just a sampling of our many reviews. If you do a search on the internet for "Lucy Minerals Swatches" you will see many photos of our shades from people all over the world.  Thanks to all of our customers who have taken the time to write a review!
Foundation - From April Larson. I've been out of my Lucy Minerals for like 2 weeks. I had to use my old L'oreal foundation in the mean time...omg was I relieved when I finally was able to re-order Lucy Minerals. Granted the liquid L'Oreal takes less time to apply-BUT lord did I regret having to use it. It drew attention to my crows feet big time, and made my face break out, and made it look dull. Today I put my Lucy Minerals on and hello fresh looking, even cute face that should be starting to heal now!
Foundation - From April Larson. Holy grail for acne skin! Where have you been all my life! I searched low and high, at times spending $60 for the best foundation. I tried them all-from sephora, Ulta, Mac, Macys, you name it----they all broke me out or did not cover or was too darn dark for my pale white skin :(  I found Lucy Minerals online by chance, ordered a few samples and LOVE IT!  This stuff does not break you out at all, I'd say the coverage is pretty good for redness and healing blemishes (if you have a open pimple it doesnt really cover BUT using this you should experience less pimples) it does not feel heavy, doesnt cake (unless you maybe glob it on with tons of other products) and if it starts to budge through out the day,all you do is use your buffing brush, buff the area, and done-no need to add more! It is nice to wrinkles too. I used this on my teen who is suffering from small acne bumps and this gave her a nice look and I dont feel bad putting it on her face because its a very clean product! Do yourself a favor and try this!
Refresh Cleanser with Niacinamide - From Linda - This cleanser has cleaned out my pores like nothing I have ever used.  You only need a small amount and it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and not at all dry.  I have very sensitive skin with rosacea and had no problems at all with this product.  Refresh cleanser has become my favorite!
Enhance - From April Larson. You must order this with your make up purchase! It makes all the difference. I use this first and it hides my pores and red areas pretty darn good, then I apply the Lucy powder over it, then I might go back and add the enhance, and theres days I might not, but I love this stuff, it 100% does what it says!! And no break outs!

Hi Annie,
you made not only my day, you changed my life...
I discovered your products during a "ladies night" - a colleague of mine organised a meeting for 10 girls with a glass of wine and pizza.. one of them was unemployed and it was offered her a make up training, and she got a bug for it and she came to this meeting with a case of cosmetics.. also Lucy....
this way I came to it, it took a time to order for the first time - the color.. but the most import and was to start with a foundation like that - light and in that form - will it cover all my unperfect places? but it did, and my skin was even better. since than - 2010 or 2011 I've never used something else. I am more self confident about my look and it's not a thick make- up wall on my face - I look younger and great. I get compliments and spread the news informing the ones about Lucie. :-) so I hope you are doing well and I can buy your products till end of my life, I can't imagine I couldn't
I'm also happy to support small business instead of a big company ...
Thanks a lot for all. 
Anna from Poland
Lucy Skin Care Kit - from Mary B. This is a great way to try Lucy skin care products.  I use and love every product in the kit.  My skin is looking (and feeling) so much better since I've been using Lucy skin care.
Wine Shadow - From Araina. This is a beautiful medium Smokey plum shade, looks a more on the neutral side on me but really builds well.
Another great crease color, with capacity to deepen some light Smokey looks but this works well with a dark cream base. This color really transforms depending on how you use it and what you pair it with. Another excellent versatile shade that blends like a dream
Lucy Minerals Starter Kit - Tiffany. I love this! This kit is an amazing value. It comes with nice brushes, and decent-sized Sample amounts of a variety of the foundations in your choice of color and Foundation type. I am so glad I got it!
Jasmine Shadow - From Araina. A unique lavender shade. A very subtle but buildable light lavender shade that works wonderfully well as a transition shade  or subtle Smokey look.  Super blendable and long lasting.
Ambrosia Multi-Tasking Beauty Oil - From Tabitha. Who knew? I was very sure that using oil on my acne prone, very sensitive skin would be a disaster.  But it has worked very well on my skin and after a week of use, I still have no signs of a break out.
Finishing Powder - Anonymous. Best Finishing Powder ever. I've been using this finishing powder for a couple of years now and it is the best I have ever used. It gives my skin a good even coverage and give it a nice even looking skin tone. I have an oily complexion and this helps keep the shine under control.
Juicy Peach Blush - from Nancy. Glowing Skin - I bought this beautiful shade (twice!) in the sample size.  I think it has minimal shimmer and the color makes the skin look like it glows from within.  Of all the blush colors, this one looks the most natural on my light/medium neutral skin tone (which is an exact match to "Shell Beige" in Lucy Minerals foundation). 
Vitamin C Serum - from Dale. Awesome stuff! Lucy Essentials Vitamin C Facial Serum is totally awesome. I actually use it to heal dry patches on my arms. This stuff is fantastic!
Recharge Facial Spray - from Cristy. Divine! Let me begin by saying I have notoriously sensitive skin.  One wrong ingredient and my skin erupts in cystic acne in 24 hours or less (no exaggeration) and make take one week or up to a month to heal!  So  I am always leary of trying something new.  Over the years I've tried several of Lucy's products with success so I decided to give this a go.  First off the smell is very nice!  It's a bit strong but uplifting and for anyone with scent sensitivity the smell dissipates quickly.  I use three quick squirts, one on each side of my face and one on my neck.  The second thing I noticed is the squirt bottle is very nice.   The product mists out of the bottle (IMO there is nothing worse than a bottle that squirts, clogs up, and otherwise doesn't disperse where the proceeds to go).  The third and most important thing I noticed is the quality of this facial spray.  The mist feels so nice, absorbs quickly, leaves my face feeling smooth,  and causes zero breakouts!  I use it before applying my makeup and as a midday refresher.  Perfect for hot days when you need to refresh!  I'm adding this one to my regular routine.  Thanks for another great product!