Lucy Minerals Foundation is different than most mineral foundations. It is creamier due to a higher percentage of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide is a soothing ingredient that is antimicrobial and also protects your skin from the sun. Titanium dioxide is also a good natural sunscreen. We can't advertise an SPF because we haven't gone through the very expensive FDA testing. But Lucy Minerals Foundation does contain a high percentage of natural physical sunscreens. For me, it is enough protection if I am running errands and in and out of my car. But if you are in direct sunlight, I recommend you use a sunscreen underneath your Foundation.

After applying Lucy Minerals Foundation, give it a few minutes to warm to your skin and you will see how it transforms to a beautiful smooth finish. It will cover your flaws and protect your skin from the elements. It contains Allantoin, which is an anti-irritant. The Apple Poly Polyphenols, trans-Resveratrol, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and a gentle form of Vitamin C called Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate give your skin a good dose of antioxidants.

We also sell a Lucy Light Formula for those with extremely sensitive skin which doesn't contain any antioxidants. Plus we have two Oil Control Formulas (OCC and OCS) if you are extremely oily.

First cleanse your face and neck.  A few times a week exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation is very important for a smooth application of Lucy Minerals. Plain white table sugar is an excellent exfoliant. Just mix a handful with your cleanser and a little water or Beauty Oil. Please remember to be gentle with your skin while exfoliating. If your dead skin cells are more difficult to remove, you may need to use a chemical exfoliant such as alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or retinol to loosen your dead skin cells. The older we are, the slower our skin naturally sloughs off our dead skin cells. That's why skin can look dull if not properly exfoliated. Many of our customers love our Rejuvenate Retinol Serum. Every person is unique, so you need to find what works best for you. And be sure to not over do exfoliation. This can disrupt the natural acid mantle of the skin and cause skin to become damaged.

The best advice I can give you if you are having skin issues, is to consult a skin care expert - either an Esthetician or Dermatologist. They can examine your skin and tell you the proper way to care for it. If you are on a tight budget, many beauty colleges or technical schools offer skin care services at a low price.

After cleansing and exfoliating, use a few drops of one of our Ambrosia Beauty Oils mixed with a little water in the palm of your hand and then pat onto a damp face. Allow the Ambrosia to soak into the skin for a short time. (This is like making your own fresh moisturizer each day without adding any preservatives, waxes, emulsifiers or harmful chemicals). Plus, our Beauty Oils act as a great primer -there is no need to use another primer if you are using our beauty oils. We have found that some commercial moisturizers and primers with silicone don't work well with our Foundation. If you don't have our Ambrosia Beauty Oil, try using some Jojoba Oil or an oil like Argan that absorbs well and won't clog your pores.

If you are extremely oily and live in a humid environment, you can use the Ambrosia at night before you go to bed. When you wash and exfoliate your skin in the morning, the Ambrosia will have softened the sebum in your pores and allows debris to be cleansed away. You will find that by adding a little oil to your skin it will help to balance the oil production. When oily skin gets dehydrated, it will start pumping out extra oil to try to compensate.

When you are trying to find your perfect foundation shade, use a small amount of mineral foundation on your jawbone and blend it in well. Allow the minerals to warm to your skin for 10-15 minutes before deciding if it is the right or wrong shade. Check your jawbone in the daylight to make sure the shade matches your neck. I think that it is better to use your Foundation to even out your skin tone, cover imperfections, and lighten up the area under and around your eyes. If you use your Foundation to give your skin "color" or to try to make yourself look tan, your neck and chest will look lighter than your face and you won't look natural.

Click here for information on our shades and custom blends.

You need to start with a small amount of Lucy Mineral Foundation and then add a little bit more if needed. Lucy Minerals Foundation is concentrated and you don't need to use as much. It is better to use a few light layers than to put too much product on your brush. Once you learn to use the proper amount, it looks and feels very soft and natural while giving wonderful coverage.

TO APPLY Lucy Minerals Foundation, dip your Foundation Brush into a small amount of minerals, tapping off the excess, and then buff all over your face in little circles. Then with your Concealer Brush, using a shade of Foundation that is a shade or two lighter than your Foundation, dab a few more minerals on anything that you want to cover. You will look more rested if you conceal any discoloration around your eye area. Especially the area between your tear duct and your nose. Plus this is a great base for Eyeshadow. After you conceal, go back with your Foundation Brush and lightly blend.

If you have dry skin, dip your concealer brush in a teeny tiny drop of Ambrosia Beauty Oil first and then dip into your minerals. Or use clean fingers. This makes a smooth concealer to use around your eyes or whatever needs covered.

After you have applied your Foundation and Concealer, add a little Blush or Bronzer (or both) to look like you've been out in the sunshine and fresh air. Something to consider if you don't wear Blush or Bronzer - Think about how little children naturally have color in their cheeks. Some are scared of Blush because they don't want to look like the little old ladies from years ago who wore circles of rouge on their cheeks. If you use Foundation to even out your skin tone, your complexion may not look natural if you don't add a little color to make you look like you have been out in the fresh air. Our Blushes are highly pigmented, so you only need to use a very small amount and be sure to tap the excess off your brush.  You can always add a little more if needed. I have found if you smile and apply your Blush to the middle and outer edges of the apples of your cheeks, and then blend upwards in circular motions up towards your hairline it looks more natural. Don't apply your Blush too close to your nose. If you look at your pupil and draw an imaginary line straight down and another imaginary line from your lower nostril towards your cheek - you want to apply your Blush from where that line intersects - and then brush out and up towards your hairline. 

If you have larger pores, allow the minerals to warm to your skin for about 10 minutes while you are doing your your hair or your eye makeup, and then blend again using a brush, sponge or clean fingertips. Your pores will appear much smaller after this blending. Then use some Finishing Powder to set everything.

FOR BEST RESULTS, I encourage you to use the Finishing Powder with Lucy Minerals Foundation. The Finishing Powder gives the skin a soft, airbrushed appearance and bonds with the Foundation to keep it in place for hours. If you perspire or get oily, just blot (I love the Clean and Clear Blotting Sheets by Johnson and Johnson) and add some more Finishing Powder. It will look like you just applied your makeup. Our Finishing Powder is translucent. It may look too light when you first apply it, but as it warms to your skin it will blend in with your skin tone.

If you are oily, try using some Finishing Powder in one of our Oil Control Formulas underneath your Foundation and then also over your Foundation and Blush.

Once you practice a few times, Mineral Makeup is very fast and easy. Plus you aren't adding any waxes, harmful chemicals or preservatives that can cause skin problems.

Lucy Minerals DOES NOT contain bismuth oxychloride or MICRONIZED MINERALS (nano particles). We use the larger particle ingredients because they give better coverage and I feel they are safer.

We DON'T DO ANIMAL TESTING. Most of our products are vegan. The products that are not vegan are our Sweet Dreams Ambrosia with Emu Oil, and our Ambrosia Lip Balms which contain beeswax.

Please contact us at if you have questions.


Marilyn Lacey