Note from Annie



Annie Jebens is the founder of Lucy Minerals. Below is her story of how the company started.

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting the Lucy Minerals website! I truly appreciate all our wonderful customers. It amazes me how Lucy Minerals has grown in the past few years. It makes me so happy when I get letters from my customers telling me how Lucy Minerals has helped their skin and has made them feel better about themselves.

I developed Lucy Minerals Foundation because of my own battle with acne, rosacea, and sensitive skin.  My father is a retired Pharmacist and I worked in his drug store while I was growing up. I mostly hung out at the cosmetic counter where he sold brands such as Revlon, Coty, Helena Rubinstein, and Bonne Bell. But I also watched him make different lotions and salves for the doctors in the area. This gave me the idea of creating my own products.

My antioxidant blend is based on a very potent all natural polyphenol called Apple Poly® which has an ORAC value of 25,000 per gram. I have also added Trans-Resveratrol, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and a gentle form of Vitamin C called Magnesium Absorbyl Phosphate. All of my antioxidants have been chosen for their gentle anti-inflammatory qualities. Each of them has had studies done that show them to be very effective at fighting free radical damage from the environment. (Free radicals damage the skin and cause wrinkles and hyperpigmentation). My skin is loving this new antioxidant blend!  My foundation has been looking fresh for a longer period of time even though it has been hot and humid  here in Florida.
If your skin is extremely sensitive, I also offer a foundation formula called “Lucy Light” which offers the same texture, shades and coverage without the added antioxidants. If your skin is oily, I offer two Oil Control Formulas. One contains Silica and the other contains Calcium Carbonate. I have found that some women do better with one ingredient over the other. I prefer the Calcium Carbonate formula for my skin, but I have many customers who love the Silica formula. I only use the Oil Control Formula in the summer when it is extremely hot and humid. If I use it in the winter, it tends to cause my skin to feel dehydrated. If you have combination skin, you will probably do better with our Original Formula. And the Original Formula is also great for dry skin.  Be sure to keep your skin well exfoliated and then moisturize using a few drops of Ambrosia Beauty Oil or our new GET GLOWING Beauty Oil mixed with water for best results.  The Beauty Oils help to balance the oil and moisture content of your skin and are the perfect primer for Lucy Minerals Foundation.
In October of 2020, I acquired Lucy Minerals. I am a licensed cosmetic manufacturer and am thrilled to add Lucy Minerals to our bath and body brand, Lavender & Lilac, LLC.
Thanks for your interest in Lucy Minerals! Please contact me through our Contact Us page if you have questions.
Marilyn Lacey Amaral
Owner of Lucy Minerals