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Perfect kit if you are unsure about your foundation shade. You will receive (6) TRY IT Size Foundations of your choice + (1) TRY IT Size Finishing Powder & (1) TRY IT Size Blush. $24 Value.

Lucy Minerals foundation is unlike any other mineral foundation you have ever tried... you will love the creamy consistency and how well it warms up to your skin!

You may find it helpful to see our Foundation Chart which is sorted by undertone; it is the second image of this posting.

Tip: When you are trying to find your correct foundation shade, use a small amount of mineral foundation on your jawbone and blend it in well. Allow the minerals to warm to your skin for 10-15 minutes before deciding if it is the right or wrong shade. Check your jawbone in the daylight to make sure the shade matches your neck. I think that it is better to use your Foundation to even out your skin tone, cover imperfections, and lighten up the area under and around your eyes. If you use your Foundation to give your skin "color" or to try to make yourself look tan, your neck and chest will look lighter than your face and you won't look natural.

Keep in mind if you play around with the shades and realize you were unable to find your perfect match with just one, you can order your custom shade full-sized foundation in your desired ratio of shades!

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    End of my daily foundation search!

    Posted by Joanna on 20th Apr 2022

    I am pretty sure I am a pale olive but since I've never found a good match for foundations as most are either too light/peachy or too dark/orange I decided to go with this kit. Luckily on my first test Pale Olive was perfect for me! My sisters were also interested in some minimal my skin but better foundations and we're all around the same saturation (light - medium) so they also got to test the other samples. For some reason my sister who is more pink matched with Cream and my other sister who is slightly more tan than me and more warm matched with Light which is the opposite of the info chart but it could just be me getting their undertones wrong!

    I haven't invested in a Kabuki brush but even with a smaller blending brush I was able to get enough coverage with the original formula to fade out my acne scars/hyperpigmentation without looking too dry on my dehydrated skin since I live in a very low humidity area. Although this is the second powder foundation I've tried (BareMinerals Original Fairly Light 03 is too dark and drying for me), I had really high expectations since I like Allantoin and MAP/Vit C in my skincare. I usually consider my skin as sensitive when it comes to things like chemical exfoliants but I still skipped the Lucy Light formula because I still wanted the two ingredients above. Despite being a powder I still found that a finishing mattifying powder was needed and the finishing powder included helped a lot with reducing shine and extending wear time. I also got Enhance to apply before and after the powder foundation to blur my pores and found that it did help.

    I actually did a test wear for 12 hours starting from the afternoon including 7 hours of consecutive mask wear time (dance practice) and was so surprised that my skin looked better at the end of the day compared to when I first applied it as I was expecting some patchiness or rubbing off which would result in my natural redness appearing but it really just looked like I was having a good even skin day. I didn't have a chance to see how the coverage was right after exercising but I wouldn't be surprised if this was able to conceal and calm the redness I usually get after a workout. This definitely isn't full coverage but it blurs/evens out skin tone which is why I think it makes a really good daily foundation. It also doesn't transfer that much under a mask.

    The other shades I picked up were: Creamy Olive, Creamy Bisque and Snow White and the first two were too saturated for my skin tone but I'm hoping to get some use by mixing with Snow White or with my other foundations that are too light if I can't pass it on to someone who matches these shades better. I also got Soft Pink as the blush shade and it's slightly peachier than Milani's Blossomtime Rose and looks like I'm Meme's Rosy Tea and Hibiscus Tea mixed together.

    Also have to praise how fast it got to me, I ordered ~2 weeks in advance expecting 7 - 10 days before getting to me and hoping that I would get some time to test it all out but it got to me in 3 days which is really fast since I'm all the way on the West Coast too. Definitely going to repurchase Pale Olive in the full size and possibly the Enhance full size too once I finish up these samples!

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    Posted by Cam on 20th Mar 2021

    Absolutely amazing for finding your shade as well as trying out a bronzer and finishing powder. Best products I have ever tried for my very sensitive rosacea skin.

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    Posted by Erin Bell on 7th May 2020

    Amazing product and value!!

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    Good foundation, but didn’t give enough coverage. I like the light weight feel though since I don’t like liquid foundation

    Posted by cc on 5th Apr 2019

    Needs more coverage

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    Thanks so much!

    Posted by Tabitha on 23rd Mar 2019

    I was so grateful to Lucy Minerals for offering this kit. I was able to find just the right shade of foundation and the right formula for my skin. A wonderful bonus was that I was also able to try a Finishing Powder and choose a shade of blush. I've already ordered the full size products even though I have lots of this kit left.

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    Great option!

    Posted by Aimee on 17th Apr 2018

    This is a great option to figure out what shade will work best for you. The shade I assumed would be good for me, wasn't when I tested them out! How great to have not wasted a ton of money on a powder I couldn't use!

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    Posted by Unknown on 21st Aug 2017

    Super friendly staff! This was very helpful to choose the right color foundation! The makeup is great, it never makes me break out and is easy to apply. It is a very buildable foundation so the coverage can be minimal or fuller. I am very happy with this product and I will be ordering a full size foundation of the correct shade soon.

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    Amazing Products

    Posted by Laura on 7th Jul 2017

    I used mineral foundation for years until I started to get some lines and larger pores. I couldn't find a mineral powder foundation that lasted, covered well, and didn't make lines and pores even more obvious. I recently decided to try some brands that I hadn't tried yet, and I'm so glad I did. This is by far the best foundation and setting powder I've ever used. It looks natural and lasts all day. This kit is great because you can choose a range of shades before ordering full size products.

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    Great way to find your shade

    Posted by Jeannine on 3rd Apr 2017

    I am very glad I was patient and ordered the sample sizes instead of guessing my correct shade. My favorite was lighter than I would have chosen from the website. The coverage is so good, I need to adjust to using less product. I was too heavy handed at first. I will purchase a full size!

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    Great way to find your shade

    Posted by Roxanne on 4th Nov 2016

    I purchased this kit twice before finding my "Summer" shade in Tan Olive. I think I may still need to tweak it a but I will go for that when summer comes back around.

    I am about to reorder what I am pretty sure is my "Fall/Winter" shade; I will be requesting a custom foundation in tan olive with a quarter soft beige. In regards to finding your shade, it's been my experience that the photographs shown on this website aren't accurate of the actual product - to me they seem much darker which is why I wound up purchasing a second try it kit. I chose colors that were way too light for me in my first order.

    When you test the foundation make sure you apply one light layer and let it warm up a bit (5-10 minutes), the foundation melts into your skin and looks so much better than when you first apply it, this is important - DON'T RUSH, you may not even need a second layer. I am a makeup rookie and honestly if I didn't have such terrible skin (acne scars, melasma, dry, and terrible texture) I wouldn't even wear foundation so I went through a serious learning curb with my application technique. I embarrassed myself a few times by not only choosing the wrong color but caking the makeup on so terribly thick, I almost cried when I went to use the restroom at a party and say my reflection in the mirror (yes, it was THAT bad). I actually gave up on Lucy, purchased another high end foundation and threw my Lucy makeup in my box of "maybe one days". I don't know why but I decided to give it another go.

    I moisturize well then I use a light layer of a light/medium coverage foundation just because that's what I have right now, I will purchase a BB cream when I finish with that. Like I said, my skin is seriously bad so the foundation alone doesn't work for me because it starts to look cakey (I use too many layers trying to hide my imperfections). I allow that to set then I apply a layer of Lucy. I don't buff like I do with other mineral foundations. This foundation doesn't look good on me like that. I use a kabuki and stipple the same way I do with my liquid foundations and a beauty blender (I use very little Lucy) then I allow that to set for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I use another layer but usually I just add some extra to the places where I have melasma (which is almost everywhere). After that I use a little bit of their setting powder.

    Throughout the day, places where my skin is really dry like the corners of my mouth and nose, I have to blend out (that is probably the wrong terminology) but I don't even need to use more foundation. I literally take my clean finger and blend the foundation that's already on my face.

    The reason I can't give this foundation a 5 is because of what I just mentioned and the fact that this foundation transfers terribly. The coverage is AMAZING.

    Thank you Lucy Minerals!